Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich is perfect for a morning where you slept too late and it's really closer to lunch time than breakfast time. What do you eat at lunch? A sandwich. What do you eat for breakfast? Bacon and eggs.

Do you see where I'm going here?

The real show-stopper on this sandwich is the Palmetto cheese. I could talk about the stuff all day. It's pimento cheese with cream cheese and jalapenos. I know. I just drooled too.

(Coming soon! I'm gonna try to remake the stuff so I don't have too pay $4 a tub for it)

One last thing on Palmetto cheese, it was mentioned in Southern Living recently as one of their favorite mail-order spreads. I find it at Publix or Sam's Club.

And seriously the last thing about this spread, it makes an AMAZING grilled cheese. I'm finished now. I promise.

You'll need: bread, an egg, bacon, and Palmetto Cheese (or regular cheese if that's what you got).

Start by frying up some bacon. Nothing smells better than this...

While it's frying, throw 2 slices of bread into a toaster.

Remove the bacon to a plate to drain and pour off most of the bacon grease.

Save your bacon grease! It adds great flavor to greens, corn, or any other vegetable you normally wouldn't be thrilled to eat.

Now crack an egg into the same skillet you cooked the bacon in. I like mine fried, but scrambled would work fine as well.

While your egg is cooking, start assembling your sandwich! Take one of the pieces of toast and spread liberally with the pimento cheese.

Next tear up the bacon and layer on top of the cheese.

By now your egg should be cooked, so plop it on top of the bacon.

Slather the other piece of toast with pimento cheese and top your sandwich off!

Mmm... the hot egg and bacon melts the pimento cheese and the runny yolk just tops it off.

If you're really hungry, increase the number of eggs to 2 or 3.

And yes, that is a Disney princess plate. My name is Elizabeth and despite the fact that I'm preparing for grad school, I still love Disney.

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
Serves: 1

  • 2 slices bread
  • 3 slices bacon
  • 1 egg
  • 4 Tbsp Palmetto Cheese
  1. Start frying the bacon and put the 2 pieces of bread in the toaster. When the bacon is finished, remove to a paper towel lined plate to drain and pout the excess grease out of the pan.
  2. Fry the egg. While the egg is cooking, slather both pieces of toast with the cheese. Next top one of the bread slices with the bacon, and then the cooked egg. 
  3. Top with the other piece of toast (cheese side down) and enjoy!

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